Revolutionise every colour with INNOluxe V2. V2 is INNOluxe’s next generation repairing treatment developed to achieve levels of rebuilding never been seen before. This highly innovative, incredibly powerful system utilises the latest protein technology to transform the way hair is bleached and coloured. INNOluxe creates the freedom to achieve so much more while leaving hair noticeably healthier and significantly stronger. This opens up amazing creative options for hairdressers to give their clients their greatest ever hair!


INNOluxe launched in 2015 with 3 exciting products that transformed the way salons coloured and repaired hair. Now with the launch of V2, we’ve taken protein rebuilding further than ever before.

“I love the way INNOluxe repairs and rebuilds as we colour, giving us more freedom to create the looks our clients want. V2 has taken it further than I thought was even possible. I really thought we were at the height but we weren’t. The hair just feels stronger, it’s feels thicker, sexier and smoother. It’s pretty awesome!”

Sophia Hilton, INNOluxe Ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon

INNOluxe V2 creates new super-strong & reinforced sulphur bonds that create incredible repair during the colouring process, restoring maximum strength to hair. With new added proteins, our V2 range not only delivers new levels of rebuilding and repair to create greater integrity within the hair’s structure, but also leave the hair feeling sumptuous with a shine that Instagram was designed for.

In addition, INNOluxe V2 delivers equally impressive results as a stand-alone repairing and rebuilding treatment as well as creating incredible structural repair when used with relaxers, perms and keratin treatments. The days of chemical treatments causing damage may now be over.

Hair bonding treatments are no longer an option, they are a necessity if you care for healthy, shiny and soft hair.